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Development of a radian friction welding machine using the circular process with limited rotational motion. 

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Heim, H.; Jarka, S.
Baltic Polymer Symposium 2012
Liepaja, Latvia
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The processing-technological limitations of components which can not be continuously rotated, either due to their length or marginal protrusions, make the realization of several potential applications using rotation welding unthinkable. The difficulties that arise while generating a high quality weld and are caused by large component tolerances and component warping are known.

In order to extend the potential of friction welding, it is necessary to develop a new welding technology. In cooperation with Fischer Kunststoff-Schweißtechnik GmbH, such an innovative friction welding method known as radian welding or ROV (Rotatives Vibrationsschweißen) has now been developed. It functions according to the circular process with limited rotational motion. The main task of the welding equipment manufacturer in this research project was to design a welding machine that operates in line with the newly designed process. After documenting the basic engineering principles of this process, potential applications for the plastics processing industry will then be elaborated. Apart from extending the ability to weld components with a rotationally symmetrical weld, the new technology creates additional benefits for processing and the properties of the welded component in terms of the strength and tightness of the weld line and the quality of the welded parts.


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