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A Research Agenda for the Why, What, and How of Gamification Designs Results on an ECIS 2019 Panel

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Schöbel, S.; Janson, A.; Jahn, K.; Kordyaka, B.; Turetken, O.; Djafarova, N.; Saqr, M.; Wu, D.; Söllner, M.; Adam, M.; Heiberg Gad, P.; Wesseloh, H.; Leimeister, J.
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Communications of the Association for Information Systems
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This report summarizes the discussion in a panel session on gamification designs at the 2019 European Conference on Information Systems in Stockholm, Sweden. The panel explores a research agenda for gamification design. The ``what, why, and how'' are considered to analyze the current state of the art of gamification research. An adapted defini-tion of gamification is presented as one outcome of the workshop to better describe what gamification is and what it can be used for. ``Why'' and ``how'' to employ gamification are discussed for different contexts. This can be used to gamify information systems, identity outcomes that are addressed by gamification concepts, and explore new ways of how to gamify. Overall, the panel presents new areas for future research and practice by identifying innovative ways to bring existing gamification concepts to a more impactful level.

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